Library Lobby

Hello and welcome dear readers to the Library Under the Stairs. Watch your head and mind the steps as you enter. Sit down and pull your feet up, there will be refreshments from all around the world waiting for you and some not of this world. This is a home away from home, a place to travel to infinite possibilities in whichever multi-verse you and your imagination so desire. Lean back and choose a book from our shelves, open its rich pages and dive into a world, and immerse yourself.

My name is Isaac Dymock and I’m here to curate the shelves of this place to your liking. I write because I love to tell stories and take others (and myself) to other worlds where the only limits are the human imagination. I grew up being read The Hobbit as a bedtime story, learning to read english with J. R. R. Tolkien and Frank Herbet at my side with Dune and Lord of the Rings. Those two greats of two starkly different genres have shaped my life with their pen strokes and shown me that I can find adventure within, and share it with the greater world.

I bring this site to you now so that I can share my works with the world, and show off what I’ve published. I want to tell you the stories of worlds never seen before by the waking eyes of this planet’s people.

Thank you and good reading,

Isaac Dymock


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